Until We Have a COVID-19 Vaccine

Karen DeSalvo Martin Burke  LaQuandra Nesbitt Michael Osterholm

Presenters' slides (PDF): Karen DeSalvo, Michael Osterholm, Martin Burke, LaQuandra Nesbitt

Webinar Transcript (PDF)

Watch the recorded webinar:


The 14th webinar in the COVID-19 Conversations series used real-world examples about the many aspects of COVID-19 containment, including best practices for disease surveillance and outbreak identification, testing strategies and opportunities, and progress on contact tracing.

Our expert panel:

  • Karen DeSalvo (Moderator) — Chief Health Officer, Google
  • Martin Burke — May and Ving Lee Professor for Chemical Innovation, University of Illinois
  • LaQuandra Nesbitt — Director, District of Columbia Department of Health
  • Michael Osterholm — Director, Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, University of Minnesota